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Painting and Decorating

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You can do it yourself. No problem.
You can go and borrow some steps and a pasting table.
You can buy new brushes, ‘cos your old ones are solid.
You can sacrifice your bedsheets for dustsheets.
You can get paint in your hair and on the carpet.
You can ruin lots of weekends like that.
But you can do it yourself.

You could get Bright Decorating Services on the case and do something you’d rather be doing instead.

Life’s short. Get on with living it.

Right now, instead of thinking about that decorating job, you could call us and get it sorted. We’re Bright Decorating Services, experts in painting, paperhanging, woodwork and all sorts of paint effects.

We can take a tired looking room and refresh it with a dose of inspiration. We can transform a dark corner and bring it back into the light. We can offer TLC to your woodwork or contrast colour to your cornices. We just love to make places look better – that’s all.

We’re quick, clean, tidy and professional and before you know it, the job’s done. You can stop thinking about that Bright new look and start living in it.

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our fields of expertise

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The complete decorating service. Bright decorating services offers all aspects of professional painting and decorating, targeting domestic and commercial clientele. We offer the whole spectrum of decorating including the following:

  • Painting
  • Paper hanging
  • Preparation
  • Internal
  • External
  • Paint effects
  • Emulsion painting
  • Wood work
  • Varnishing

All work enquires are followed with Free estimates and job quotes.

Skill, care, bright ideas and brilliant results. What more do you want?

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Or call 07837 551 234

Our Promise

Our aim at Bright Decorating Services is always to provide a professional, reliable and trust worthy service, giving you total piece of mind and confidence, providing you with excellent results, leaving you with total job satisfaction.

Bright Decorating services is fully equiped to deal with a whole range of jobs. From domestic to commercial, individual rooms to full scale house decoration. Shop refurbishments to new build appartment blocks and town houses. We treat each and every job the same, NO matter how small or how large scale the job. We always provide a professional and friendly approach, offering a high quality value for money service. We carry out free no obligation estimates which can be posted to your door or even emailed to promote a speedy procedure.

It could not be easier to Contact Us at Bright Decorating Services and we guarantee a quick response to your enquiry.